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Street Walking Whore

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Street walking crack whores seem to be proud of what depths they’ll stoop to for their addictions. In fact, it almost seems like they’re addicted to not only crack, but to being as sleazy as they can possibly be. Milisa is one such depraved crackwhore, as you’ll see as you watch her confessions!

She just had a baby and she’s back at work, slutting for her crack addiction. This lactating street whore even uses her breast milk in her prostitute sessions with her kinky johns. There’s really no telling what you’ll hear in these crackwhore confessions, so be prepared to be shocked!

Teen Stripper

Slut teen stripper Jenny talks about how she got into such a sleazy underworld at such a young age. Her crackwhore confessions are an eye opener in that you expect such twisted confessions as coming from someone much older than her.

She’s definitely lived quite a fast and loose life, unlike her counterparts who are finishing high school and are going to college. But even though she’s quite the skanky whore, Jenny doesn’t seem the least bit ashamed. In fact, as you can hear in her crackwhore confessions, she’s proud of her way of life. Rock on, skanky teen stripper Jenny!

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Crack Sluts

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If you like hearing some very twisted shit that real women do for their addictions, then you need to check out the Crackwhore Confessions site and all the videos on there. These sluts are proud of all the twisted shit they reveal they’ve done in their sick confessions.

They literally have no shame in what they’ve have to do for their crack addiction – whether in their crack, on their crack, or whatever. As long as it deals with their crack for their crack, they’ll do it. Come watch these crack sluts reveal all the sleazy details of their daily lives.

Prostitute Confessions

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Hooker Tania was born a total slut. As she tells us in her prostitute confessions, she started out as a stripper. She even moved up the employment ladder, so to speak, when she married the strip club owner. After having a couple kids in wedded bliss, her natural inclination for being a prostitute reared its ugly head, and she left her husband and kids so she could go back to her whore ways.

Now she’s a happy hooker, sucking and fucking her way to oblivion. Watch her in action during her prostitute confessions. I’m sure you’d want to hit that, too, and you know she’ll let you!