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Methadone Crackwhore

[flv image=][/flv]Shanon is really pretty with a nice set of tits and a hot body. It’s too bad that she’s a crackwhore. She just got out of prison and she’s on methadone to try and stay clean but it’s not really working because there’s nothing she loves more than drugs. She loves getting high and she’s working the streets selling her body because she needs the money. She has some pretty wild stories to tell like how she got fucked by a 23 year old when she was 13, losing her virginity to a pervert. She spent four years living with a lesbian, a babe she describes as a dyke.

That means she was abusive and a little bit manly and that’s hot stuff. She’s still gabbing at the guy while she has her lips wrapped around his cock. It’s a hot fucking crack whore scene and the slut makes you think it would be fun to fuck her so hard and cum in her mouth. Watch the full movie here!

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