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Latina Slut

Kelly is a really happy hooker from Costa Rica. Cracker Jack caught her early and was blessed to be her first dick of the day…or so he says. Listen as he gives you a sales pitch for her special welcome package. Kelly is proud of her work as an International Whore Ambassador. She is a […]

Deepthroat Hooker

This Deepthroat Hooker has issues. Her major problem is being a human fucking punching bag. Her ex boyfriend would beat the shit out of her sorry ass constantly. Choking, punching, kicking, even burning her with cigarettes! Time they locked her in her room for 24 hours & didn’t even feed the bitch! What took her so […]

Real Whore Story

Tosha aint very smart. She puts her trust in some shady people, mostly ones in her own relatives. When she was young her jealous older father had her raped by 8 black guys…what a moron! Dont feel bad for her though, she seems happy in her shitty hooker life. She’s got three children, no job, […]

Fat Whore

This gigantic fat whore calls herself Heaven. You’ll feel like your in heaven in the event you pick this bitch up…yeah, we’ll see. She is a long time whore beginning at age 15, & has completed much every drug you can think of. Heaven did five years in jail on a charge they took to […]